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Let us fill your Cup!

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Mission: To provide employment opportunities in a supportive environment for individuals with disabilities. 

Vision: To cultivate a community of inclusivity where all members have purpose and value.​



Cigi England

Founder and President of the Board

Cigi graduated from Tennessee Technological University in 2006. After spending eight years in the fashion industry in Atlanta, she decided to move back to Cookeville to be closer to family and friends. With the support of her amazing friends and this wonderful community, Cigi’s Boutique was created. 

Cigi and her husband Michael are involved with local organizations that work with individuals with special needs. “After spending time with our friends that have disabilities, we thought it would be awesome to create a place of their very own. How wonderful it would be to work, play, and build a community together” said Cigi.

Cigi and Michael prayed very specifically about their vision to create The Exceptional Bean & shared it with a small group of individuals in Cookeville. From there it was full steam ahead.

Board Members

Founder and President- Cigi England 

Chairman- Dawn Fry 

Secretary- Carrie Hardin 

Treasurer-Zach Buckner

Blake Shearer

Michael England 

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